Growing potatoes in your home garden will supply you with a great crop that stores well through the winter. Whether you have a large garden or a small patio, you can grow your own potatoes. If you’re a potato lover, you’ll surely appreciate the flavor of an organic home-grown potato that you just won’t get from the grocery store.

If you are one of the lucky gardeners with a huge garden area you can grow your potatoes in rows or mounds. If you are not as fortunate and just don’t have the space in your garden for potatoes, or you have no garden at all, you can still grow potatoes in grow bags, bins, old barrels, or even by stacking old tires.

What ever growing method you decide on, growing potatoes is a pretty simple process as they grow well in average soil. Adding a good amount of finished compost to the soil is quite beneficial, do not use fresh manure or lime in your soil for potatoes as these can cause scab. If growing in bags, bins, or any other container it is best to mix your soil before planting in a wheel barrow and keep it near the containers as you will be needing this often throughout the growing process.

Beetles and aphids can be a problem with potato plants, the best way to deal with these critters is by adding a couple more insects to the garden. Yes you can get rid of the unwanted insects with a couple beneficial insects. Lady beetles, or lady bugs, feed on small insects like aphids. Green Lacewings, in both it’s larvae and adult stages, work well at controlling beetle populations along with many other pest insects.